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Technical aspects:
– Good Volume
– Flat Rocker
– Squash tail
– Round nose
– A stringer in the middle to reinforce the board
– Future fin system
-Plain fiberglass, resin tint,
-Paulownia wood/ cork rails
-Paulownia wood/ cork deck.

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For flat, mushy or glassy waves. For small and medium sized waves. From 0,25cm to 1M25.

About the board:
This classic mini Malibu shape will give you the best stability during your take off and turns due to his important volume! The squash tail enhances the turning capacities of the board and the rocker of the board improves its wave catching ability and speed.
This is the best surfboard to begin surfing or to improve your current surf. Even if it’s your first surfboard, you will keep it forever. Always useful to lend to your girlfriend or friend in summer holidays.
This board will be a great ally during nice summer surf sessions!

Advantages of Cork Rails:
-Consolidate the surfboard
-Is really light
-Add a classical style to your surfboard
-In case of accident, Cork is water-proof and will protect your board against water infiltrations
-Eco-friendly material

Advantages of a Cork deck:
-Consolidate the surfboard
-Is really light
-Cork is a natural grip material, you don’t need wax anymore

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EPS reciclado / Epoxy reciclado, Paulownia wood and Cork deck, Paulownia wood and Cork rails, Tint Resin

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